Some Health Benefits Of Raisins During Pregnancy

Some Health Benefits Of Raisins During Pregnancy

The moment you learn you are pregnant, your life changes. Some of these changes are pleasant, while others, not so much. One of the biggest changes, apart from your growing body, is the anxiety about the food you eat.

Gone are the days of eating without a care. Suddenly, you have to watch each morsel you consume, each drop you drink. That can take the fun out eating. But you need to be careful while pregnant. Now it’s more than just about you and your health. It is also about your baby.

So, what foods are okay to eat during pregnancy? There are a number of healthy food options for you to try. Raisin is one of them.

Benefits Of Eating Raisins During Pregnancy:

Raisins are versatile. You can add them to a number of delicacies, or you can munch on them as they are. These tiny dried fruits have a lot to offer – both to you and to your baby. Here are the major benefits of raisins during pregnancy.

1. Prevents Anemia:

A pregnant woman often ends up with anemia due to iron deficiency (1). You need additional sources of iron to provide for your growing baby. Yes, you can use supplements, but isn’t it better to get all your nutrients through food? Raisins contain a lot of iron as well as Vitamin B complex. If you consume raisins during your pregnancy, you can prevent anemia and also treat fatigue and other related symptoms.

2. Eases Constipation:

Feeling ‘stuck’ because of constipation? You are not alone! Many women suffer from constipation and other digestive issues during pregnancy (2). You can blame your hormones for it! But the tiny raisins can provide the solution to this often-irritating problem. Raisins contain fiber, which help to make bowel movements easier and smoother.

3. Increases Appetite: 

A lack of appetite often plague pregnant women, especially in the first and third trimester. In the first trimester, it is morning sickness that plays havoc with your desire to eat. While in the third trimester, it is your growing uterus. But thanks to the fiber, magnesium, and potassium in raisins, you can hope to get some of your appetite back!

4. Keeps Teeth Healthy: 

Swollen gum or gingivitis is a common problem during pregnancy (3). Raisins in your diet can ensure healthy gums and teeth, thanks to their melancholic acid content (4).

5. Prevents Cancer And Cardiovascular Diseases:

During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of change. All these changes lead to oxidation stress in the body, which can cause cancer and cardiovascular diseases later in life (5). Raisins contain antioxidants that can prevent these issues.

6. Provides Energy:

During pregnancy, fatigue becomes an everyday affair. Raisins, with their glucose and sugar content, can provide you with an instant boost of energy.

7. Helps Develop Baby’s Bones And Vision:

If you consume raisins during pregnancy, you help your unborn baby too! It’s vitamin A content helps to develop your baby’s eyesight. While the calcium in it helps make her bones stronger.

Raisins sound like pregnancy super food, don’t they? But wait before you start bunging on them!

Problem With Eating Too Many Raisins:
Raisins are yummy as well as healthy. It is easy to eat a handful of them without even noticing. But too much of anything can be bad!

Too many raisins can increase your blood sugar levels. This can cause gestational diabetes (GD) too. Most cases of GD resolve with childbirth, but some cases can cause complications. For one, it can lead to your baby being too big for a vaginal birth. This can necessitate a c-section. It can also cause obesity in your baby as she grows up. If you have gestational diabetes, chances of you and your baby getting type 2 diabetes also go up manifold (6).

So, enjoy raisins, but in moderation. Add them to your favorite dessert or keep them in a jar by your bedside – raisins are definitely something you should add to your pregnancy diet!

How do you like your raisins – mixed with your dessert or as snacks? Share with us in the comments section below!

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